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Maybe it is intriguing to create something out of nothing.
Or even, it is exciting to manipulate materials in order to re-invent them.

The idea is that each material acts and exists in a different manner, rendering a unique result and creating abstract shapes that complement the textures, patterns and the various colors.

Each design has its own story and each one reflects and derives from different feelings and emotions. This is the concept behind the ‘annakoumoushi’ brand and this is what Anna Koumoushi herself is pursuing through her own world of creating.

It all started in November of 2009. Felt was the original material used to create the first annakoumoushi collection and her artistic ‘curiosity’ lead her to experiment with various materials such as paper, fabric, elastic bands, leather and suede.

The annakoumoushi brand also features a custom-made line, which consists of exclusive projects for weddings, christenings and other occasions that require the annakoumoushi creative ‘assistance’! Book an appointment for consultation or contact Anna Koumoushi via email to shape a custom-made project.

The annakoumoushi accessories are currently available at our studio in Nicosia Cyprus and online at

Anna Koumoushi is a Cyprus-based accessories designer who believes in creativity and the kindness of people.

After finishing her studies in New York, at the New York Institute of Technology and earning her Masters in Communications - Media Management - , she returned to Cyprus where she worked as a copywriter and freelance writer.

While expressing herself through writing, she started exploring outer routes of expression as well, through her accessory creations and so she formed the 'annakoumoushi' brand.

The brand stands for all the things that describe Anna: reflections of herself, her friends, her beliefs, her family and especially her mother.

Earrings that subtly narrate stories, necklaces that act as statements, bracelets that contain stories, bags that "take you places" and many more for you to love and enjoy!

'Feel good about yourself and If you give with your heart, something good will come right back at you'!

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Beads Necklace
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A minimal necklace with beads on a string. Perfect for your everyday outfits!
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A lovely pair of paper earrings made with old Burda fashion magazines. Easy to wear every day, very light and stylish, ideal for you or for that special friend as a gift!  
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Long red flower necklace made with hand-cut leatherette pieces of fabric.
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