Despo Soteriou

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My name is Despoina Soteriou and I am a graphic designer and student at Jack Foumani Studio art. Impressionist lines with mature thick strokes are what express me the most, with many details, however, to show the volume and texture. The subjects that excite me are sunlight, nature, the sky, the waves, reflections, the universe. Nature is a great teacher for me.

Through the bright colors and the fast expressive touches, I invite the viewer to see the beauty and the mutation of the colors and above all, to feel the beauty and the revelation of elegance, the proper arrangement and pairing of colors. Colors have a hidden potential character-energy, which affects our body and spirit and influences our emotions.

My love for learning and art does not stop here. For some years now pottery entered my life as well. I make decorative and useful ceramics.

I craft handmade bags using thread and needle with modern touches merging fabrics and yarns, a technique clearly on my own under the name Creations by Despoina. I also makes bags from rags, from my favorite pieces because I consider it a part full of art, bags with attached wood, net, leather and various others, as well as handmade necklaces made of fabrics and ceramics.

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